Sunday, 21 October 2012



In the dark and at the night,
I sat with a pen and a paper to write
all the memories of my childhood,
all my mischieves and all my mights.

I remembered all my crazy deeds. 
The plant I am today,I sorted its seeds.
I looked for the days that made me cry
then I wished myself well and told them bye !

I recalled the day when I got a new cycle,
to ride me to school,with no problems to tackle.
I reckoned my friends and all my foes
and playing hide-&-seek with them with runny nose.

Exams were then no great fear.
There wasn`t any need to burn the lamp and prepare.
Mummy just told me to prosper
and bribed me with a cadbury to brush up my gear.

There were days when I was on cloud 9
with my facile grades,perceiving world as a sunshine.
Everything seemed to be happy and gay,
with a candy smile, starting each new day !

Days were a bliss and life - an apparent fun.
With only wingding and no glum
No problems to handle and no worries.
My innocent heart ! A treasure of only good memories.

Then came the dawn of my teenage
with a burden of entrances, me still unfledged.
Life got ruined, mummy`s cadbury also blew
My heart transformed into brain with syllabus at each edge.

Writing it all down, I got moved with this flash back.
Life was better in the days of the past.
I pray to god to become such an engineer,
so as to invent a time machine and get my childhood back !

Thursday, 4 October 2012

5 ways to check if you are a facebook addict ?

                              Facebook has brought in a volley of social connections on the world wide web.After its inception in 2004 , this  thunder of socializing took another couple of years to make its way to the Indian peninsula and once it  made an entry there was no looking back. People took a heed to it, understood it and today,as of 2012, which is almost 8 years after its outset , it has become the largest virtual giant of its millennium with a statistic of over 8 billion followers there by making Mark Zuckerberg, world`s youngest billionaire.

Wall , like , comment , share, pages and what not. Its biggest pro is its user-friendly trait. Should you
create a profile on facebook and spend another couple of days filtering through it which you will be doing definitely ,you will master half of it. You don`t need to be a tech savvy to get its features.

Here I am listing 5 ways to find out if you are a facebook addict :

1. When T is replaced by FB : 

Yeah, if you find yourself waiting more fervently for your facebook page to upload than your morning tea,then there might be a possibility of your falling prey to the beast. Recall yourself waking up in the morning only to find out yourself typing in your username on your smartphone and checking in your comments before caffeine.

2. Last activity - few seconds ago :

Simply open your browser, head to the history page, check out if facebook is the last webpage visited that your browser prompts. Repeat this activity for 3-4 times a day. See to it whether you turn up getting positive result everytime.

3. 1000 friends..are you kiding me ?? :

                          Your affability needs a check. You can never have a network of 1000 friends unless you are Lady Gaga ofcourse ! So, if you find your friends list getting a scrawl above a kilo , then for sure you have spent time sending friends requests to your not-in-touch neighbours, friends of friends , your sibling`s friend, your parents friends, your teachers and even your minions and whosoever you have mutual friends with and your only agenda has been increasing your friends list causing a real waste of time. Dude,you are an addict !

4. I 'Like' you :

Just check in some of the news feeds of recent past and scroll down to see all the posts.Check if
you see 'unlike' option on almost every post. If so,this means that you have already liked maximum posts. This will give you another hint of you being an addict and that you have spent some real time binging on facebook.

5. All day, all night :

        When you reach the brink of night and are finally done checking facebook on your laptop and you decide to call it a day, curling up in your blanket and suddenly all that you notice is yourself logging into your facebook profile, again, through your cell-phone , just to check your profile one last time before sleeping then man, you have got something real serious to worry about.

After following the above schedule , its now time to rate your self and check your addiction level.
Each tip carries 1 mark.

Score :
 * 1 or below - You are a very normal human being and are out of danger. No need to worry. Just make  sure you never ever get facebook reach your veins.

* 2-3 - You are on the average side of facebook mania and your time-misspend skills are still  mediocre.        

* 4-5 - Dude ! Your dope test has yielded positive results and you are a major victim of this trail. Technical supervision recommended.