Thursday, 28 June 2012

Being Happy :)

                                        What is happiness ? Well this question will yield different answers to different individuals like people may find happiness in  money , love , success and blah blah blah.  Disagree ! Money, success , love are material possessions and happiness can never be equated with material things , for it is an emotion and not a possession.

                                        To be happy, one has to clear ones mind of prejudices and assumptions and inculcate following things in one`s soul.

* Acceptance -  Accept yourself for who you are.  Stop analysing yourself.  If you expect people to love you , first you need to love yourself. The problem that lies here is many of  us feel that we are incompetent or good-for-nothing. Well,god has created you and this itself is proof enough that he has some plan for you on earth. Remember,  only you are going to play the hero of your movie called life. In the end, its going to be about your life. So, stop being too critical of yourself and shed that barrier of inferiority.

* No Anticipation - People are going to be mean and self-centered. Nobody in this world is born to please you. They are going to live for themselves. So, stop expecting too much. Love people and care for them but only if you can do so without expecting anything from them in return. ' Give, don't expect and forget ' is all you can do.

*Peace with Past - Make peace with your past so that it doesn't mess up with your present. You need to be have a tranquility in your mind when you think of your past. Forgive everyone for everything.  You got to have a bigger heart and let go things. Its okay, sometimes , to not know every truth.

*Stop comparing - Stop trying to fit in the shoes of others . Never feel that you are the only one with bad share of destiny. You have no idea what people must have gone through, in their journey of life, to be at a position they are.  Not everyone showcases it.  Simply try and live your role perfectly. If you ever find yourself envy of others, compare yourself to the people lesser fortunate than you. You will surely make out that you have got tonnes of things to be happy about.

*Be content - Contentment is the greatest happiness, as they say. Be happy and grateful for what you have. Every individual has one thing in this world that he is best at. Try to figure it out. You have certainly got a lot to be thankful about. Being content doesn't mean that you have no desires left. It just means that you are gonna give up on cribbing and are gonna be grateful for what you have been gifted with.Grudges pull you down. 'Stop frowning, start smiling '.

                                       Happiness, for me , is within oneself. You cannot seek it , you cannot run after it. It is to be discovered. Your home is your refuge. Surround yourself with whatever makes you happy. Be it music, flowers, books or anything.

                                     Friends, this was all about my perception to being happy. Life is too short to live it with your brains. Listen to your heart.  Trust me, you are just a smile away from 'Being Happy' ;)